Welcome to Nine Natural Company Limited, one of the leading wholesaler, exporter of candles from Thailand. Nine Natural Company was founded in 2002 in Bangkok, Thailand. Our goal remains the same today: to make candle products of the highest quality available.

Nine Natural Company is a leading devoloper, marketer of premium quality candle delivery products. The candle's exceptional quality and innovation have made our candle products favorites across the nation. Our premium candle blends and carefully formulated paraffin wax ensure consistent materials and one of the longest burn times in the industry. Our wicks are 100% cotton, no lead, zinc or metal of the kind.

We offered a variety Of Flower candle with Thai porcelain, Flower candle with wooden utencil, Handmade Flower candle, Decorative candle in Thai style Basic candles, Festival candles, Decorative candles, Religious candles, Seasonal candles, wax filled in different containers, non-scented and scented candle, Pillar candles, Tapers candles, Votives candle, T-Light candle, Beeswax T-Light candle, Church candle, Floating candle, Jar candle, Spiral candle, Lantern Candle, Wedding candle, Utility candle, Ball candle, Emergency candle, Beeswax candle. Through more than ten years of our experience as a candle making expert, we supplied under Nine Natural Candle Brand or other wall brands including the make to order candles for our customer around the world.

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